Wenn ich gerade in Wien bin, und der Christoph Fink nicht gerade in der schwedischen Botschaft, im Wald oder auf einem Berggipfel kocht, dann führen wir Interessierte gern durch die Stadt (und das Umland) auf private kulinarische Touren oder arrangieren Treffen mit Produzenten und Köchen.

Mögliche Touren: Wein, Wurst, Wirtshaus, Mehlspeisen, Balkan, Asien, Märkte…

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Want to make the most of your time in Vienna and eat and drink without disappointment? Meet the people who provide the city with its best ingredients or cook its most exciting dishes? Or find inspiration or new markets for your company and products? Christoph Fink and I can take you around on a private tour and show you the culinary riches of Vienna and Austria.

We’ve both been living in Vienna for many, many years and are full-time eaters and drinkers: Christoph is the head chef of the Swedish embassy in Vienna, food developer, and a regular guest chef at the Feldküche and many other culinary events. I am a freelance food writer for Austrian and German magazines, and in the summertime I cook at a little restaurant at a vinery in the countryside.

Whether you want to try Vienna’s classic offal dishes, get to know the city’s Balkan cuisine, find the most interesting natural wines between Brno and Maribor, see how the infamous Käsekrainer is manufactured at a traditional butcher shop, or sample the offerings of modern Viennese cuisine: we will do our best to help you. If we can’t do it ourselves, we most likely know someone who can.

Tour ideas: Wine, Sausages, Beisln, Desserts, Balkans, Asia in Vienna, Markets, Market Research…

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